Corey Makowy, Founder/ CEO

Corey Makowy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prosper Wellness. Armed with a Master's degree in Biopsychology from Mt. St. Mary's College he embarked in his field of study at Johns Hopkins. However, he would soon discover that his passion and life's purpose was not to work a 9 to 5 at a desk, but to create a platform to inspire others to live a life true to themselves, to free the spirit of love that has been repressed in today's culture and to make an honest difference in this world one person at a time. It is on these virtues that the company Prosper Wellness was created. Corey is a spiritual pioneer, a seasoned Yogi, successful Entrepreneur and a true leader in his business and community. We are grateful to have Corey as our President and look forward to where he takes the brand in years to come. Mr. Makowy welcomes anyone who would like to reach him to send coorospondance to

All that was before is not necessary. All that is to come is uncertain. What you seek is in the present. The only true answers are found within the deepest depths of our minds and soul.
— Corey Makowy

Jessica Knott, brand ambassador / Sponsored Instructor 

An avid rock climber for years, Jessica was first introduced to yoga in 2007 and practiced sporadically until her local climbing gym began offering weekly yoga classes. However, it wasn't until she developed a daily meditation practice that her love for yoga truly blossomed. Yoga then became her new mindful movement practice and she began to come to her mat regularly. Through the interplay of meditation and yoga, breathing and movement, Jessica discovered the importance of connection to all aspects of the self: body, mind, soul and spirit. Jessica helps her students move deeper into their yoga practice by connecting with all aspects of their being through challenging the physical body. In April 2016, Jessica was invited to travel to China to bring American-style yoga to more than 250 yoga students across 3 cities in China. Jessica is also a certified Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master, with training in Shamanic healing. It is a privilege to work with Jessica and we are sincerely humbled to have her a part of the Prosper Wellness team.   

Understand that while the universal truth is the same (WE ARE ALL ONE), the language with which we speak this truth varies, and so does the path to get there. It is in the simple forms of truth, expressed, that I hear the whisper of intuition, feel awareness weaving its way through my veins, and know Oneness.
— Jessica Knott

steven bumbry, spiritual guru/sponsored instructor

Steven is a millennial healer, lifestyle architect, yoga teacher, coach, and #passionary. Steven spent his first 25 years chasing his grandest dream, the pursuit of a 10+ year Major League Baseball career. It is this to what he credits everything he does today.  At a young age, Steven aligned his life’s work with and to creating magic through the expression of his body. He chose to walk a path where competition is a part of daily life and in his first grand life pursuit, he thrived in the spotlight of the baseball diamond. The skills, resources and connections that he has amassed during those 25 years in professional baseball, give him the foundation that he uses to spread his mission for change. His daily thoughts, intentions, and actions are what attract and inspire the people he connects with, to reach into the darkness and do the work to uncover the insight, knowledge, tools, and resources it requires to take you into the next step of personal evolution and into living and leaving your legacy. His mission is to add fuel to the fire that already burns for greatness in each of us. Steven believes that as humans, we are intended to enjoy the abundance of the planet, to tickle the bottomless love in our hearts, and push the limits of possibility in our thinking, action and manifestation. Steven’s expertise comes in several different areas, physical health, mental toughness, intuitive touch, coaching, and team-building. Steven embodies the very foundation that Prosper Wellness was created on and we are grateful to have him a part of our team. Find out more about Steven Bumbry 

Once stretched by a new paradigm, the planet will never be the same.
— Steven Bumbry